Academic staff

Prof. Asaf Darr
Head of the Department of SociologyProf. Asaf
Specialization: Technology and Work Organization; the technical workforce; technical sales work; interorganizational relations in high tech industry. Tel: 04-824996 | Room: 7017
Prof. Meir yaish
Tel: 04-8240998 | Room: 7021Prof. Meir
Interests: stratification and social inequality, sociology of education, labor market, rational choice theory.
Prof. Alisa Lewin
Chair of the BA committeeProf. Alisa LewinALEWIN@SOC.HAIFA.AC.IL
Interests: family demographics, marriage and divorce and family processes, old age and family, poverty, welfare policy. Tel: 04-8249652 | Room: 7022
Prof. Tali kristal
Tel: 04-8249648 | Room: 7018Prof. Tali
Interests: Growing income inequality, stratification, the labor market, political economy, labor relations.
Prof. Ilan Talmud
Chairman of the Doctoral CommitteeProf. Ilan
Interests: Social Networks, Virtual Relationships and Internet Research, Organizations, Economic Sociology. Secondary specialization: Political sociology, gender, stratification Tel: 04-8240992 | Room: 7029
Prof. Tally Katz-Gerro
Chair of the MA committeeProf. Tally
Research interests: culture, consumption, environment, inequality, cross-national comparative research. Tel: 04-824996 | Room: 7017
Prof. Gustavo Mash
Rector of the UniversityProf. Gustavo
Interests: Urban Sociology, Research Methods, Internet and Society, Crime Victims. Tel: 04-8240993 | Room: 7016
Dr. Amid Saabana
Tel: 04-8249640 | Room: 7011Dr. Amid
Interests: demographics, health and mortality inequalities, stratification and social inequalities, research methods, demographic research methods.
Dr. Asa Maron
Tel: 04-8240969 | Room: 7003Dr. Asa
Interests: Welfare State, Neoliberalism, Citizenship and State-Social Relations, Politics and Public Policy Change, Governance, Political Economy.
Dr. Dan Kotliar
Tel: 04-8249396 | Room: 7027Dr. Dan
Interests: Internet research, cultural sociology, critical algorithm studies, critical data studies, sociology of knowledge, science and technology studies
Prof. Yuval yonay
Tel: 04-8240016 | Room: 7007Prof. Yuval
Interests: Sociology of Knowledge and Science, Political Sociology, Social Theory, Philosophy and Methodology in the Social Sciences, Economic Sociology, Socio-Economic Science and Economic Knowledge, Use of in-depth interviews and qualitative research methods, Sexuality of Minority Societies, Courier Theory, Postcolonial Theory , Lesbian and Gay Studies
Prof. Asaf levanon
Tel: 04-8249639 | Room: 7005Prof. Asaf
Interests: social stratification, the labor market, demographics and social psychology.
Prof. Yuval Feinstein
Tel: 04-8249646 | Room: 7013/7006אProf. Yuval
Interests: Ethnicity and Nationalism, Political Sociology, Public Opinion, Political Emotions, Research Methods.
Dr. Dana Zarhin
Tel: 04-8249644 | Room: 7010Dr. Dana
Interests: sociology of health and medicine, gender studies, sociology of sleep, sociology of the body, qualitative research studies
Dr. Oded Mcdossi
Dr. Oded
Interests: Social Mobility, Stratification and Social Inequality, Sociology of Education, Higher Education. Tel: 52990 | Room: 7002